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Increase your practice Visibility. Maintain a 5-Star Reputation. Build huge Trust in your community. 

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What is VRT and Why is It So Important To Your Practice??

Whether you know it or not, you have a VRT score. 

And depending on what it is, you are either full to capacity with patients OR you are wondering why your competitors are...

Visibility, Reputation and Trust ​are the central features of patient-physician relationships.

Quite simply, if your competitors are more visible​ than your practice then they have an immediate advantage. They are seen and noticed more and as a result, they'll get more new patient inquiries.

Also, according to the ​US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, "Trust is a defining element in any interpersonal relationship, but is particularly central to the patient-physician relationship."

It all comes together to form your Reputation.​

And today your reputation is initially formed online....​

At ClinicGrower, we identify the current strength of your online Reputation, as well as the small, simple steps (The 'Quick Wins') that have the most significant impact on building your 5-Star Reputation before implementing more involved strategies.

Benefits of High Quality VRT?

When you have a highly positive VRT in full flow, you'll start to notice many benefits including:

  • How to quickly be found by many more prospective new patients online, while setting extremely positive pre-conceived expectations, for significantly improved client satisfaction...
  • A simple and efficient process to establishing and positioning your clinic as having the greatest authority in your area, leading to massive trust from prospective clients...
  • Knowing how to effectively and productively deal with anyone who believes all the scare stories and reviews they read online...
  • The best ways to encourage clients to excitedly spread good word of your treatments and procedures to friends, family and even strangers...
  • A 'Results-Orientated' business approach to creating a 5-Star Reputation online, which ensures you get substantial results without placing any strain on your existing operations or resources...

You would be amazed at how 'the small things' can add up to make a BIG difference.

Create A 5-Star Reputation For Your Clinic:

Your Clinic's VRT Review

​When you apply for your VRT Review, you'll be ready to get the answers to these important questions and challenges every Doctor or practice owner faces:

*Exactly how is my business 'Showing Up' for potential patients?

*What kind of online reputation do we have?

* How can I position my clinic as having the greatest authority in my area, leading to massive trust from prospective patients?

* Are competitors encroaching on my business?

* How do I get some quick wins for my practice and make sure I'm not missing opportunities?

If you're serious about wanting to Accelerate your VRT, gain high-brand media exposure with your unique story AND boost your rankings on Google to stay above competition, make sure to apply for your VRT review right now - Click Here to get started.

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What is VRT?

Get ahead of your competition by knowing how to use Visibility, Reputation, Trust (VRT). We publicize your company's Visibility, Trust & Reputation online & through powerful media channels. This is done through content marketing and placement.

VRT Drives Results

A handful of clinics in the USA are leveraging simple but effective techniques in order to generate public interest. These top-tier clinics have thousands of patients and clients supporting their businesses on a regular basis.

By professionally leveraging your VRT, you will significantly gain an edge over your competitors. You will rapidly distinguish your practice and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Your VRT review is an essential step in growing your practice.

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