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Art + Science = Competitive Advantage

What if you could speak directly to people you KNEW were actually getting ready to invest in a cosmetic procedure?

And what if only you had this ability...not your competitors.

At ClinicGrower we combine cutting-edge technology with the art of persuasive advertising.

Our People To Procedures (P2P) Formula allows us to identify the exact people getting ready to go ahead and invest in a cosmetic procedure in your area. Our Artificial Intelligence machine analyzes over 15 Billion real-time behaviors per day from over 225 Million U.S consumers.

Rather than using a scatter-gun approach, cosmetic practices can now use a laser-like focus to attract new patients.

This patient lead generation process can reach people anywhere, on any device, on any platform, online and offline. 

Because our augmented intelligence system has already identified your audience, we can run patient acquisition programs that are more effective, efficient and consistent than anyone else.

We provide ONE practice per location with SERIOUS competitive advantages.

Because we can identify your top "potential patients" by name, we have the ability to target them with ads on any platform, through any channel, online or offline - before your competition ever knows about them.


We pinpoint the moment each person enters the market for a cosmetic procedure and we make sure you are the first face they see. You become 'first-to-market' in their mind. This is where you begin to control the conversation and educate your ideal prospects.


By eliminating the waste, we can afford to be everywhere in front of your ideal prospects. Because we advertise to people at an individual level, we can show ads to the same people across multiple platforms online or offline. You become omnipresent for the 3%.


The key to unlocking new levels of growth and profits is having a true competitive advantage. To provide this for our client partners, we have a strict one client per area policy. Our P2P Formula and proprietary technology are accessible to one practice per area.

Cut The Fat From Your Marketing

The truth is that most practices are wasting money through ineffective marketing.

You’ve probably been ‘pitched’ by countless ‘marketing experts’...

But what’s the promise?

They're simply guessing on who your next patients might be.

We know them by name.

Nobody else can:
» Identify people who are actively in-market to invest in your procedures
» Provide fresh leads on a weekly basis
» Market to them BEFORE anyone else
» Confidently improve your sales funnel
» Significantly reduce your cost to acquire patients and clients

We can. 

That's what we do.

With the economic and competitive forces of today, can you really afford to waste money on people who are NOT in market?

Wouldn't it be better to advertise to people who have a problem that you can solve, and educate them correctly?

Do you think that you could benefit from OWNING Top-Of-Mind awareness and being the ONLY provider they considered?

We promise what we can deliver and we deliver.

If you have room and the infrastructure to grow your practice, then you should speak with us now because we can only work with ONE partner per area.


Most 'marketing experts' will spend your money to try and find your audience. We've already got your top prospects so you're winning already and reducing costs too.


You'll benefit from our years of experiencing crafting patient acquisition and sales funnels. We craft compelling messages that get response and rapidly move people through the funnel to invest in your procedures.


We want customers for life. The only way for that to happen is for you to make more in profit than you pay us and for us to continue doing that every month. That's why we guarantee results and why we carefully select our partner clients.

The ONLY People You Need To Focus On

If EVERY person you spoke with was actually considering cosmetic procedures that you offer...

How would that impact your business?

In ANY market only 3% of people are actually ready to buy, right now. That means that ALL commerce is driven by this 3%...All sales at YOUR company, All sales at your competitors company are driven by this 3%

These are the people that you need to focus on. The ONLY people worthy of your limited ad budget. These are your biggest and quickest profit opportunities

Are you ready to stop wasting your time and money on the 97% of people who have no intention of making a purchase?

The real question is ‘how do you find and attract the 3% people to your high-value procedures?’

**Introducing People To Procedures...the P2P Formula…**

Our proprietary ‘P2P Formula combines over 15 billion data points from more than 225 million identify and communicate with your ideal prospects

Imagine if you knew the full contact information for EVERY person, actively pursuing a cosmetic procedure in your area...

The P2P Formula from ClinicGrower gives you the power of knowing something your competition doesn’t know.

Know which people are inmarket for procedures right now, preparing to buy. Know who is visiting YOUR website preparing to buy. Know which of your CRM leads is still in market preparing to buy, and know which of your past patients or clients are back in the market ready to buy.

With our P2P Formula you don’t waste a single dollar of your ad budget. We lower your acquisition costs. And increase your number of patients and procedures.

You can unlock your profits today,

Attract more people to your cosmetic procedures

Find out if the P2P Formula is a good fit for your practice..