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Bref and his team at ClinicGrower are on a different level! Our business is dependent on generating leads and turning those leads into revenue. Bref’s marketing programs check both of those boxes and many more!

We help doctors and clinic owners who want to contribute and positively impact the health of their community, and their profits.


Our result-centric approach is designed to help you accelerate and scale your practice! We only work with doctors and practice owners that we are 100% sure we can help.


The old methods of getting new patients are not working as well anymore. When you work with us you'll benefit from automatic patient acquisition and referral growth! 


New patients are the lifeblood of every practice. But very few docs know how to attract patients consistently. That's why they partner with experts like us.

Gain Your Competitive Advantage: InMarket Procedures

As medical technology continues to advance, so does the marketing that drives patients to your practice and attracts clients through your doors.

Right now, there are hundreds of people actively searching for treatments and procedures that YOU provide.

And we can identify them by NAME.

We can communicate with them on ANY platform BEFORE anyone else does.

How would you like to be able to control the conversation with potential patients and clientele?

And the best part...YOU decide on when and where you want to reach them.

The truth is that most practices are losing money through ineffective marketing and the failure to let more people know exactly how you can help them.

Too many doctors are neglecting to focus on GETTING NEW PATIENT LEADS AND CONVERTING THEM.

Yet, without an effective system to this consistently…the health of your business becomes very questionable.

At ClinicGrower we use a cutting-edge new patient lead program that connects your practice with new patients, who are already ‘in-market’ for certain procedures or treatments.

Our P2P Formula is a proprietary new process that combines over 15 Billion real-time behaviors per day from over 225 Million U.S consumers.

Rather than using a scatter-gun approach, medical practices can now use a laser-like focus to attract new patients

Because our artificial intelligence system has already identified your audience, we can run patient acquisition programs that are more effective, efficient and consistent than anyone else.

In a world that is becoming increasingly technologically advanced, we are harnessing these advancements to turn the needle for our healthcare clients.

This results-orientated approach is the secret behind our success of ClinicGrower.

We provide ONE practice per market with SERIOUS competitive advantages.

Want to own the upper hand and have a patient-acquisition machine operating at-will?

Gain Better Visibility, Reputation & Trust (VRT) as Part of Your Marketing Health Check.

Rapidly Enhance Your Practice Reputation | Get Noticed | Grow Your Brand & Get More Patients and Referrals

What is VRT?

Get ahead of your competition by knowing how to use Visibility, Reputation, Trust (VRT). We publicize your company's Visibility, Trust & Reputation online & through powerful media channels. This is done through content marketing and placement.

VRT Drives Results

A handful of clinics in the USA are leveraging simple but effective techniques in order to generate public interest. These top-tier clinics have thousands of patients and clients supporting their businesses on a regular basis.

Gain an Edge

By professionally leveraging your VRT, you will significantly gain an edge over your competitors. You will rapidly distinguish your practice and it only takes a few minutes to get started. Your VRT review is an essential step in growing your practice.

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Simply click below to begin the process of your marketing health check. We will compare your clinic to the top performing clinics in and around your area. Once we have enough data, we will record a video detailing our review and steps on how you can improve and potentially beat your biggest competitor.

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Want a Quick Win for Your Practice?

Our Marketing Health Check review will provide you with clarity on the very next steps you can take to improve your visibility, enhance your reputation and connect with more patients and referral sources!

You will receive video analysis and details of our assessment and ranking of your Clinic's current Visibility, Reputation and Trust factors.

You will gain at least  one 'Quick Win' when we identify opportunities that will let you rapidly improve your Clinic's Reputation & Trust.

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Hi - we're Bref and Sarah McHugh. We are dedicated to helping medical practice owners achieve extraordinary results.

We work with with med spas and cosmetic practices, and we bring our 20+ years of lead generation and patient acquisition experience to help your business grow to new heights.

Are you interested to find out if our system will help drive more patients to your practice?

We'd like to extend you the offer of scheduling a free, no-obligation, 30 minute strategy session with us to:

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  2. Provide you with valuable strategies that will help move your practice to new levels.
  3. Get to know you a little 'over virtual coffee' on a call so that both you and we can decide if it makes sense for us to work together. And no worries either way!

In this strategy call we'll diagnose your situation and goals and discuss what we can do to scale your business in an increasingly competitive market.

You'll leave with valuable input and a vision for how to bring your practice to new heights.

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